Added big design awards:


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Package AwardFashion Accessories AwardYachts and Sailors AwardArtistic Award
Yachts AwardMultidisciplinary AwardYacht AwardEvent Award
Successful AwardRetail AwardGlobal Awards AwardNational Awards Award
Literature AwardItalian AwardDesign Collage AwardWonderful Award
Architectural Design AwardGreatest Architecture AwardIndicator of Good Design AwardHigh Quality Design Award
Design Thinking AwardExcellent AwardProfessional Architects AwardProfessional Designers' Award
Arts Equipment AwardHuman Resources AwardDesignprize AwardFinancial Products Award
Art Installations AwardWatch AwardHR Programs AwardShortlisted Award
Design Photography AwardSummits AwardGreen Goods AwardWhite Goods Award
Black Goods AwardBlue Goods AwardBrown Goods AwardInstitutional Award
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